Here is the new Gul Ahmed Winter/Fall Collection, I am posting a few personal favs. The rest can be viewed on their magazine at GulAhmed wesbite. Enjoy 🙂

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You will find images and quotes which i admire at this page.

Some of the Bridal dresses I am adoring at the moment:

And ofcourse, who could ignore the Bunto Brides?
Source: Fashion central and Sunday Times

This documentary anyone who loves fashion, and is obsessed with fashion  has to watch!!
The September issue
I was so excited when “The september issue” came out, that’s the documentary about Anna Wintour, the editor in chief of American Vogue magazine. I never got around to watch it because of school but I finally watched it! So Here’s the verdict: I love all the glamour, and insight to the fashion industry and the process of making the magazine and all the hard work that goes behind it but what i was expecting more was to see more personal or different side of Anna Wintour rather than her always being like she is described to be! but i guess that’s the way she is and didn’t want to give too much info about her but still watch it if you are remotely interested, I was but i was expecting more out of it but if you want to see Anna and what happens behind vogue, I would recommend. Here’s the trailer:

I have my last final exam tomorrow and then I will be done from uni till September, and that means I will have lot of time to do what i love doing and that is browsing through fashion websites,blogs, magazines and shopping and also posting stuff here which I haven’ t done on routine. So, after I am done tomorrow, I will be trying to post a lot more, so do keep reading if anyone out there does :P. While I go study, leaving you with lovely shots of some amazing nailpolishes.

totally ❤ it

Here is what the next Sunday Mag will look like:

Featuring Kamiar Rokini designs and his muse Maleeha Naipaul 

Source: Sunday Daily times Facebook.

Here are some recent shoots by Fayyaz Ahmed

This one is for Nickie and Nina. I don’t think much about the clothes although I do like the photos.

This one is by Khaadi. I really like the kameez in the first one, So summery

Source: Fayyaz Ahmed flicker

I was just watching this video and noticed how Neha looked so beautiful in this video. This was the time when she was very new and you can see in this video that why she is on top today. She looks just as confident as she looks now and in the simplest outfits, she looks so ravishing. When models start out, some are very nervous but leave it to Neha to show what confidence is and how a model should be. The video is exaggerated but that’s how we pakistani’s are 🙂

I have a huge crush on Olivia Palermo’s style recently. For those who don’t know who her, Olivia is an American socialite and she also stars on The City on MTV. She also works for various Fashion magazines. Her style is just so elegant and classy and every outfit of her is usually very well coordinated and that’s why I just can’t get enough of her style. I am sharing a few images of my personal favorites.

These are some inspiring photos that i like, some of them are quotes, some of them are from nature, some fashion one’s, and some are jus random.I will be doing this for time to time cuz i am finding so many images which i want to share and these images are inspiring me to take up photography.
So enjoy!

Chanel <3"

Gossip anyone? hehe

That’s it for now, Until next time xoxo
Neways guys these don’t belong to me, I have found them over the internet.I can give you a link if you guys want.