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You will find images and quotes which i admire at this page.


This documentary anyone who loves fashion, and is obsessed with fashion  has to watch!!
The September issue
I was so excited when “The september issue” came out, that’s the documentary about Anna Wintour, the editor in chief of American Vogue magazine. I never got around to watch it because of school but I finally watched it! So Here’s the verdict: I love all the glamour, and insight to the fashion industry and the process of making the magazine and all the hard work that goes behind it but what i was expecting more was to see more personal or different side of Anna Wintour rather than her always being like she is described to be! but i guess that’s the way she is and didn’t want to give too much info about her but still watch it if you are remotely interested, I was but i was expecting more out of it but if you want to see Anna and what happens behind vogue, I would recommend. Here’s the trailer:

I have my last final exam tomorrow and then I will be done from uni till September, and that means I will have lot of time to do what i love doing and that is browsing through fashion websites,blogs, magazines and shopping and also posting stuff here which I haven’ t done on routine. So, after I am done tomorrow, I will be trying to post a lot more, so do keep reading if anyone out there does :P. While I go study, leaving you with lovely shots of some amazing nailpolishes.

totally ❤ it

These are some inspiring photos that i like, some of them are quotes, some of them are from nature, some fashion one’s, and some are jus random.I will be doing this for time to time cuz i am finding so many images which i want to share and these images are inspiring me to take up photography.
So enjoy!

Chanel <3"

Gossip anyone? hehe

That’s it for now, Until next time xoxo
Neways guys these don’t belong to me, I have found them over the internet.I can give you a link if you guys want.

OMG, here it comes!!!! Get ready People!
Day 1:
Sara Shahid of Sublime
Nickie Nina
Asifa & Nabeel
Ali Xeeshan
Body Focus Museum
Élan by Khadijah Shah
Nida Azwer

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All of these pictures are not mine, the original article can be found here

Here’s a girl at the stonage launch showing that long kurtas can be done right! I just love the kurta and think she looks fabulous.
stoneage launch

Well i have had a busy semester which has kept me away from blogging and from the fashion scene of pakistan!! So after having a tough semester battling organic chemistry and biology, fiercediva is back and will try to post regularly. So don’t stop visiting. Come back and post comments and help fiercediva blog a successful fashion blog!!! =)
Ao here is something to treat your eyes!! this picture is colorful and busy at the same time but i like it nonetheless.

Neha decided to add pop of color to her white tee.The girl beside her doesn’t look bad either even though she’s covered in flowers. I think its the angle of the photo and her  bag.

Neha with a friend

sobia-nazirWhat:Sobia Nazir Lawn Prints Lahore Exhibition
Where:15th -17th march @PFDC Boulevard Ten Q , 18th and 19th march ’09 at pearl continental xavier hall
Lahore, Pakistan
Make sure to pass by and check this event out if you live in Lahore.

Heres a link to the facebook event:

Frieha Altaf,  She shows up at like every event wearing hideous clothes and acts like she looks gorgeous however you can clearly see her choice of clothes. Look at it yourself: FrIeha AltafToo much huh? Thats why we are deciding the dress and the jewelry speak for itself.