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OK guys, the wait is over! The king is back to take his crown. I am so excited for this collection that i can’t even begin to express the words! Every piece looks like it has come from some place beyond the planet. People just look at the kaam, it’s exquisite. Each piece is calling me I swear! I am so proud of HSY, this is what you call excellence and master mind Hasan always knows what we fashion savvies need. Girls, join in for an adventure! Can you tell how bias i am towards HSY? sorry guys but i just can’t get over this amazing collection?

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p.s I am suspecting a lot of brides probably found their dream dress that night!!
P.p.s Ali Zafar walked the runway!!OMG I know!
p.p.p.s there were also guy’s pieces as well, but i am gonna be biased n show only girls. If the guys want to see more click here


Here comes Sobia yet again with another colorful collection that every women can wear in the summer time and feel beautiful. I love the colors and the fabrics.

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I don’t really think much about this collection. It was very over the top with too much going on, and some of them were very ridiculous but that’s just my opinion, what do you guys think?

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Love the turban concept and earthy tones, So summery!

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Ok when you mention karma, how can I then forget to show what Kami presented at the fashion week. His work was subtle, not really casual but not so bridal either and overall i thought his collection presented something new to the table and had nice color scheme that is different from the usual. Take a look at it yourself and let me know which one do you like better? Maheen’s or Kamiar’s?

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Ok so here is what karma showed on PFDC lahore fashion week.Here as couple of standout pieces which i thought were amazing and worth mentioning.

Maheen is just so cute, wish her best of luck with Karma and I so wish I can just attend some wedding right now.

OMG, here it comes!!!! Get ready People!
Day 1:
Sara Shahid of Sublime
Nickie Nina
Asifa & Nabeel
Ali Xeeshan
Body Focus Museum
Élan by Khadijah Shah
Nida Azwer

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All of these pictures are not mine, the original article can be found here

Here’s an anarkli designed by Nomi ansari from his latest collection. The ivory and Black is such a good combination and i think it might be becoming a favorite of mine besides black and pink. But black looks good with everything and definitely never goes out of style.
Nomi Ansari

Sobia Nazir answered our questions and this fashionable lady sure has got some elegant and simple style.

Here’s what she had to say:

Tell us a bit about your personal style and how has it changed over the years?

My personal syle is simple,relaxed and comfortable. For casual wear i usually wear jeans and T shirt 

but i love to dress up ocasionally for weddings ,shows and also when im travelling.

Iyour house was burning down( God Forbid)and you only had time to save one clothing item, what would it be and why?

It would be my jeans .i cant do without them.    


Sobia looks stylish in jeans.

Sobia sure looks stylish in jeans.

Sobia on the streets of london with her burberry bag. She sure is a bag lady.

Sobia on the streets of london with her gucci bag. She sure is a bag lady. Thanks to a user for correcting this.

 Shoes or Bags?


What is an item on your wishlist?   





Piaget diamond watch (this lady is sure making some money)

May we suggest this?

May we suggest this?





Any trends you are following this winter? Knit dresses with tights and long boots
Do you have any style icons?if yes, then who? My greatest style icon is victoria beckham .I think she is super stylish.   


Victoria beckham.

Victoria beckham.The women with the most birkin's.



Sobia with her birkin identical to Victoria Beckham's.

Sobia with her birkin identical to Victoria Beckham's.

Do you have a favorite designer?if yes then who? Roberto cavalli
Thats its from the interview from Sobia Nazir, the  famous new stylilsh designer of Pakistan.
Sobia with models.

Sobia with models














 Why wear the same old shlawar kameez when you can wear this new hot styles. These hot new outfits will sure turn a lot of head.Gold anarkli
Green anarkli n503282446_1720978_9411picture_2n503282446_1720980_9980belle rose dress