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Here is what the next Sunday Mag will look like:

Featuring Kamiar Rokini designs and his muse Maleeha Naipaul 

Source: Sunday Daily times Facebook.


Here are some recent shoots by Fayyaz Ahmed

This one is for Nickie and Nina. I don’t think much about the clothes although I do like the photos.

This one is by Khaadi. I really like the kameez in the first one, So summery

Source: Fayyaz Ahmed flicker

Fouzia is going strong as predicted, she is doing more shoots now and they are turning to be oh so fine! here are some of her new pictures:

Outfits: sublime
photography: fayyaz ahmed

Outfit: Syed Saim Ali

outfits: the designers store
photography: fayyaz ahmed

Outfit: Shehla
photography:Guddu& Shani

This is also a documentary which i discovered a while back and wanted to share with you guys. It’s very informative and talks about a lot of issues in pakistan related to fashion and the new Pakistan. Have a look and leave comments 🙂 I agree with what Vinny says in this documentary. Pakistan fashion is emerging and breaking boundaries and there are many people especially pakistanis who aren’t aware of that. I just love how HSY talks. He is such a good PR person and should definitely get a show of his own. And the main guy from scotland is funny when he asks all the stars if they are famous or not?lolz for once someone doesn’t want their autograph 😛

Fauzia Amir the pakistani model that is appearing everywhere these days could be the next big thing judging by her photos and her exquisite features. Here are a few pictures of her so you can judge by yourself. We should have a Pakistan’s next top model show, that would be so cool. As for now, I guess we have to watch America’s next top model to enjoy the modeling world. Sure to tune in tonight at 8 pm on cw if you live in North America to watch who remains in standing to become America’s next top model.

Smiling with her eyes. Fierce as tyra would say it

Smiling with her eyes. Fierce as tyra would say it

Source: Fouzia’s facebook profile.

Since I am on the topic of Gul Ahmed, This picture reminds me so much of the Christian Dior “Miss Dior Cherie” Fragrance Commercial. I can’t help but notice the similarities. The design of the Gul Ahmed lawn is exquisite but just the fact that it’s someone else’s concept makes the ad boring. Don’t know when this world will stop copying others. *sigh*

Presenting Nadia Hussain:

nadianadia-gulahmed2nadia-gulahmed3nadia-gulahmed4Source: Gul Ahmed

Here are the designs that will be presented at the exhibts in case you can’t go to check it out:

Sobia Nazirsobia-2sobia-4

OUr favorite.

OUr favorite.


 Why wear the same old shlawar kameez when you can wear this new hot styles. These hot new outfits will sure turn a lot of head.Gold anarkli
Green anarkli n503282446_1720978_9411picture_2n503282446_1720980_9980belle rose dress

Attending a a party/wedding  and want to wear traditional pakistani clothes but still look ultra glam here are a few options:


Black canary dress 499.99 $



A more colorful choice Sapphire Archia dress for 599

Nickie nina designs

Nickie & Nina dress

photo by skoop

Latest dress by HSY for his Dubai fashion week collection

ash-white-nicolas 499$

Ash- white nicolas dress 499$

Nickie nina design

Nickie Nina design. love the pink, white and gold combo. Perfect for any party ocassion.Another dress by Nickie & Nina design.