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These are some inspiring photos that i like, some of them are quotes, some of them are from nature, some fashion one’s, and some are jus random.I will be doing this for time to time cuz i am finding so many images which i want to share and these images are inspiring me to take up photography.
So enjoy!

Chanel <3"

Gossip anyone? hehe

That’s it for now, Until next time xoxo
Neways guys these don’t belong to me, I have found them over the internet.I can give you a link if you guys want.


Spring and Summer How I love thee and love the lawn prints you bring with thee. That was me trying to be poetic lol doesn’t work eh? neways girlies look what we have here, the lawn prints have captured my mind and will yours as well!

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Here comes Sobia yet again with another colorful collection that every women can wear in the summer time and feel beautiful. I love the colors and the fabrics.

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Source: Fashion central

White is the best way to go in summer to avoid the heat and look cool in the hot sunny weather. It look likes celebrities in pakistan are doing just that to avoid the heat of pakistan. Here is showing you who got it right and who definitely got it all wrong:
Mahreen Saeed: A simple white dress and minimal makeup equal a fresh look that mehreen does very well.


Sabeena Pasha: Here is Sabina in white and the dress or whatever she is wearing just does not make sense to me. Although the design looks good but the whole outfit all together just doesn’t work.

Sabeena pasha

Sara Gillani in white: A simple white classic shirt never disappoints if worn the right way and from what can be seen from this picture is that Sara doesn’t look bad and the red bag is good way to add color to the white ensemble.

Sara Gillani with Omer Satti

Kamiar Rokni and Maleeha Naipaul in simple white tees:
I love these shirts..what a way to represent Pakistan! They both look very tired but the shirts speak for themselves.

And finally a white dress by Mehdi from his Ready to wear 09 collection. This dress Iooks lovely on Iman and I love the design near the neckline although i am not quite liking the bottom of this dress.

Iman Ali in Mehdi Ready to Wear 09 collection

Source: Skoop, The staurday post, the daily times.