This documentary anyone who loves fashion, and is obsessed with fashion  has to watch!!
The September issue
I was so excited when “The september issue” came out, that’s the documentary about Anna Wintour, the editor in chief of American Vogue magazine. I never got around to watch it because of school but I finally watched it! So Here’s the verdict: I love all the glamour, and insight to the fashion industry and the process of making the magazine and all the hard work that goes behind it but what i was expecting more was to see more personal or different side of Anna Wintour rather than her always being like she is described to be! but i guess that’s the way she is and didn’t want to give too much info about her but still watch it if you are remotely interested, I was but i was expecting more out of it but if you want to see Anna and what happens behind vogue, I would recommend. Here’s the trailer: