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Here comes Sobia yet again with another colorful collection that every women can wear in the summer time and feel beautiful. I love the colors and the fabrics.

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Source: Fashion central


Ok when you mention karma, how can I then forget to show what Kami presented at the fashion week. His work was subtle, not really casual but not so bridal either and overall i thought his collection presented something new to the table and had nice color scheme that is different from the usual. Take a look at it yourself and let me know which one do you like better? Maheen’s or Kamiar’s?

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Fauzia Amir the pakistani model that is appearing everywhere these days could be the next big thing judging by her photos and her exquisite features. Here are a few pictures of her so you can judge by yourself. We should have a Pakistan’s next top model show, that would be so cool. As for now, I guess we have to watch America’s next top model to enjoy the modeling world. Sure to tune in tonight at 8 pm on cw if you live in North America to watch who remains in standing to become America’s next top model.

Smiling with her eyes. Fierce as tyra would say it

Smiling with her eyes. Fierce as tyra would say it

Source: Fouzia’s facebook profile.

Akshay kumar is india’s sexiest man alive according to people magazine but these pakistani hotties are even hotter and sexier than any indian superstar.

Abdullah Ejaz (Super sexy Pakistani Model)








Ali Zafar. Brilliant Singer who doesnt need any introduction does he?look at those eyes. 


Atif Aslam ( who doesn’t know ATIF,even india can’t have enough of him but we are not sharing right? 


Ammar Belal. The hottest(i mean literally just look at him) designer in pakistan. 


Waqar ali Khan (Internationally acclaimed Pakistani Supermodel, VJ, Producer, writer , style icon, n much more 😉 Check his blog out where he makes fun of “Babloos”. 



 Tapu Javeri. ReFINEd and talented photographer of pakistan. 

tapu-javeriTapu Javeri

I hate to  putt them into a list and rank them but based on looks these all would get my votes.All of these pakistani guys are so talented and make us proud of being pakistanis as they  represent the emerging (n HOT) talent in pakistan. Who would get your vote?