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Ok so here is what karma showed on PFDC lahore fashion week.Here as couple of standout pieces which i thought were amazing and worth mentioning.

Maheen is just so cute, wish her best of luck with Karma and I so wish I can just attend some wedding right now.


This is also a documentary which i discovered a while back and wanted to share with you guys. It’s very informative and talks about a lot of issues in pakistan related to fashion and the new Pakistan. Have a look and leave comments ūüôā I agree with what Vinny says in this documentary. Pakistan fashion is emerging and breaking boundaries and there are many people especially pakistanis who aren’t aware of that. I just love how HSY talks. He is such a good PR person and should definitely get a show of his own. And the main guy from scotland is funny when he asks all the stars if they are famous or not?lolz for once someone doesn’t want their autograph ūüėõ

The very highly anticipated Gul Ahmed Summer Collection is launched. I am so excited, can’t wait to buy the prints, Infact i am wearing one right now ūüėõ from an older collection. Gul Ahmed has to be one of the best lawn brands in Pakistan and also one of the oldest. Gul Ahmed collection was modeled by the top models of pakistan, surely to prove that Gul Ahmed is surely on top of its game, baby. Go check out their new magazine which is filled with more than 300 gorgeous prints.¬†

Source: Gul Ahmed.

Akshay kumar is india’s sexiest man alive according to people magazine but these pakistani hotties are even hotter and sexier than any indian superstar.

Abdullah Ejaz (Super sexy Pakistani Model)








Ali Zafar. Brilliant Singer who doesnt need any introduction does he?look at those eyes. 


Atif Aslam ( who doesn’t know ATIF,even india can’t have enough of him but we are not sharing right?¬†


Ammar Belal. The hottest(i mean literally just look at him) designer in pakistan. 


Waqar ali Khan (Internationally¬†acclaimed¬†Pakistani Supermodel, VJ, Producer, writer , style icon, n much more ūüėČ Check his blog out where he makes fun of “Babloos”.¬†



 Tapu Javeri. ReFINEd and talented photographer of pakistan. 

tapu-javeriTapu Javeri

I hate to  putt them into a list and rank them but based on looks these all would get my votes.All of these pakistani guys are so talented and make us proud of being pakistanis as they  represent the emerging (n HOT) talent in pakistan. Who would get your vote?