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Dear blog,
I am sorry I have neglected you and didn’t take care of your properly. I am guilty and I hope you can forgive this mistake of mine. I like an unfaithful lover broke my promise, therefore I won’t make a new one. But what i will do is ask for forgiveness and I know that you like a caring blog that you are will not disappoint. So here is to new beginnings and with new beginnings, there should be celebration. So for celebration I am providing you with this awesome pics from Karachi Fashion week 2009(I KNOW, fashion weeks are here in pakistan, so excited)



Attending a a party/wedding  and want to wear traditional pakistani clothes but still look ultra glam here are a few options:


Black canary dress 499.99 $



A more colorful choice Sapphire Archia dress for 599

Nickie nina designs

Nickie & Nina dress

photo by skoop

Latest dress by HSY for his Dubai fashion week collection

ash-white-nicolas 499$

Ash- white nicolas dress 499$

Nickie nina design

Nickie Nina design. love the pink, white and gold combo. Perfect for any party ocassion.Another dress by Nickie & Nina design.

hsy4hsy3blhsy2hsy shoot

Love the black dresses. Very fierce!!!!New shotS  of HSY designs.Amazing photographs by fayyaz Ahmed.