OK guys, the wait is over! The king is back to take his crown. I am so excited for this collection that i can’t even begin to express the words! Every piece looks like it has come from some place beyond the planet. People just look at the kaam, it’s exquisite. Each piece is calling me I swear! I am so proud of HSY, this is what you call excellence and master mind Hasan always knows what we fashion savvies need. Girls, join in for an adventure! Can you tell how bias i am towards HSY? sorry guys but i just can’t get over this amazing collection?

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p.s I am suspecting a lot of brides probably found their dream dress that night!!
P.p.s Ali Zafar walked the runway!!OMG I know!
p.p.p.s there were also guy’s pieces as well, but i am gonna be biased n show only girls. If the guys want to see more click here